What is a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

Or more specifically… What is an

Alternative Life Coach?

Simply put…
My Job is to help you Play Better in Life!

  • To support and challenge you in your pursuit of the things that matter most to YOU.
  • To help you strive for excellence & push past the imagined limitations that you have accepted.
  • Help you find the person you have always wanted to become.
  • Help you create your own AUTHENTIC LIFE on YOUR OWN TERMS.
  • Help you build your own personal version of:

    • Family
    • Business/Career
    • Sexuality
    • Creativity
    • Service to the Community
    • Etc

      NOT what everyone else tells you it “should” be.

An Alternative Life Coach is someone who’s lived an alternative life and understands how different it is to succeed and thrive, when your life isn’t quite the same as everyone else. An Alternative Life Coach makes no judgments on your lifestyle and is someone you can feel comfortable discussing sensitive subjects with.

Having a Life Coach is amazing, but living an Alternative Lifestyle can be hard enough without having to worry if your life coach will understand you and/or be able to relate to you. For many, having an Alternative minded Life Coach can be the difference between settling and really playing big in life.

No matter where you are in life, and especially if your life isn’t exactly “normal”, or you’ve always wanted your life to be a little less normal…. Let me help you make it happen!

A Life Coach, huh? Are we going to sit around, hold hands and eat granola?

If you have heard about coaching and/or life coaching before, it may have struck you as a bit “New Age or “woo woo”. That’s understandable because, well… it WAS! The coaching world and the life coach profession is a fairly new “Science” and for a long time there was no real method in the industry.

I am very lucky to have studied directly with Life Coach David Buck, who is the protégé and heir of the “Father of Modern Coaching – Thomas Leonard”. He took all of Thomas’ amazing ideas and developed a very flexible, yet highly focused method of coaching called, the “Play Better Method”. This method is explained and delivered in a way that is pragmatic, makes sense to results-oriented people AND uses the best of the soft skills that life coaching is famous for, like building trust and expressing your creativity.

So if I hire an Alternative Life Coach, how does this all work, exactly?

by phone
by skype

Our standard package offers 50 minute phone or Skype sessions 2-4 times per month, , plus unlimited E-mail updates to keep me up on your game, celebrate, commiserate, and/or get additional guidance as needed.

Many other services are available, including in-person meetings and crisis resolution calls.

Daily/Weekly rates are available for touring/on-site coaching, crisis management, consulting and other services for our Entertainment & Special clientele.

Ok… Sounds Interesting, Now What?

Set up a Free Consultation and Let’s talk!
We’ll see if we are right for each other and there is absolutely no cost or obligation and no hard feelings if hiring an Alternative Life Coach is not right for you.

I can’t afford this!

Can you afford NOT to do this? When you look around at life and people today, a few things become very clear.

  • MOST people are really NOT enjoying life fully.
  • MOST people are pretty stressed out about one or more areas of life.
  • MOST people feel like they are playing alone – even if they have a lots of people around.
  • MOST people are frustrated and WANT MORE OUT OF LIFE.
  • MANY people are self medicating, trying to hide the fact that they are just not happy.

You only get one life. If you won’t invest in yourself… Who will?
Every day we are wasting an opportunity to achieve our dreams and goals.

Take the free consultation, it will be the best decision of your life.
I believe in you, I’ll help you get there, I’ll hold you responsible and support you every step of the way.

I’m a serious skeptic but I’ve seen first hand how life changing, having a life coach can be. I am convinced:

For a happier Alternative Life, hire an Alternative Life Coach!

Bo Blaze is the "Alternative" life coach. Specializing in the Entertainment Industry, Alternative Relationships & Sexuality and anyone else who's life is just a little bit left of center. He has 20 years of experience in the music industry and has worked with a variety of entertainers and touring musicians from the "most high profile" to the "completely unknown". He has vast experience with alternative lifestyles & communities including, Polyamory, Leather, BDSM, Kinky, Queer, Fetish, Adult, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Transsexual, Crossdressing, LGBT, Leather Family, adult entertainers, sex workers etc. Bo's own struggle and subsequent success fighting his food addiction makes him an excellent choice as a Bulimia and Food Addiction Coach.