What is ENM, CNM or Polyamory

What is ENM, CNM or Polyamory

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Polyamorous love/ENM love

Polyamory or Ethical Non Monogamy (ENM) or Consensual Non Monogamy (CNM) is the practice of having romantic or sexual relationships with multiple partners at the same time, with the knowledge and consent of all involved. It is a relationship style that can offer a number of benefits but it is not for everyone.

One benefit of polyamory is that it allows individuals to have multiple intimate relationships, which can provide a sense of emotional fulfillment and support. In monogamous relationships, it is common for one partner to fulfill all of an individual’s emotional and physical needs. In polyamorous relationships, individuals have the opportunity to have multiple relationships that can provide different types of support and connection.

Another benefit of polyamory is that it can allow individuals to explore their sexuality and desires more fully. In a monogamous relationship, it is common for one’s sexual expression to be limited to the desires of their partner. In a polyamorous relationship, individuals have the freedom to explore their own desires and interests without feeling confined to the expectations of one partner.

For example, you can have one partner that you consider your primary and have a very power neutral relationship with them. You may have another relationship which focuses on BDSM and allows you to consensually dominate your partner. You might have yet another partner that you and your primary partner enjoy having sex with together a couple of times a year.

The point is, there are no rules in polyamory/ENM
other than having the consent of all involved.
It’s your life and your rules!!!

Polyamory or Ethical non monogamy or Consensual non monogamous Love

Polyamory can also promote open communication and honesty within relationships. In order to navigate multiple relationships successfully, individuals in polyamorous relationships often need to be open and honest about their feelings, boundaries, and needs. This can lead to a greater level of trust and understanding within the relationship, as well as the development of strong communication skills.

Finally, polyamory can offer a sense of community and support within a network of multiple relationships. In a monogamous relationship, an individual may feel isolated and unsupported if their partner is not able to provide all of the emotional and practical support they need. In a polyamorous relationship, an individual can draw on the support of multiple partners, creating a sense of community and connection.

As I’ve said above, It is important to remember that polyamory is not for everyone and individuals have to consider their own needs and boundaries before entering into a polyamorous relationship. It is also essential for all individuals involved in a polyamorous relationship to communicate openly, honestly, and with consent.

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