Bo’s Reading List

Bo’s Reading List

July 19th, 2010 // 5:40 pm @

Here are books that I strongly recommend.

For Everyone

The Four Hour Work Week Expanded Edition (Orange Cover)

This book is LIFE CHANGING. I can’t recommend it highly enough to everyone, BUT if you are an entrepreneur or would like to be one… you MUST own this book. Tim is so young he doesn’t even realize what a genius he really is.

Think & Grow Rich – Updated For The 21St Century

Some things never change! This classic is completely revised and maybe more important to read now then when it was written. Touches on the laws of attraction, but it’s a lot more then that & you don’t have to believe in attraction to realize how good this advice is.

Alternative Sexuality

Sex at DawnChristopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha

This book is one of the most inspiring and important things I’ve ever read! How can you not love a book that makes a convincing argument that all we need do, is take after our closest equidistant relatives the Bonobos and Chimps, to live a peaceful and harmonious life where we all CAN, “just get along”.  If you are willing to put your fears aside and be a seeker of truth, this book will truly make you question pretty much everything you think you know about human sexual relationships.

Playing on the edge - Staci Newmahr

Playing on the EdgeDr. Staci Newmahr

Dr. Newmahr has written an absolutely amazing book, that is as ruthlessly honest as it is thought provoking. A Sociologist and ethnographer, she participated in the NYC BDSM scene for several years to give a firsthand account of what she experienced. Written as academic book, this is still required reading for those that want an inside look at the NYC BDSM scene in the late 2000’s.

The Ethical SlutRevised

If you are interested in living a “Poly” lifestyle.

This is a book you should read.

Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns

A thoughtful yet humorous look at safe, sane, consensual, loving, BDSM. If you are interested in any type of power exchange in your relationships, I can’t recommend this highly enough. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to author Phillip Miller, was one of my most influential teachers.

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  1. vance

    13 years ago

    hey now I thought it was “the bros’ knows” hmmmmm


  2. Hugo

    13 years ago

    You are so right about 4 hour work week. That is a life changing book, I have the first edition but plan to get the updated now too.



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