Children are taught to be mediocre

Children are taught to be mediocre

May 25th, 2010 // 3:08 am @

You are taught to be mediocreWhen we are young, we are told that “you can be whatever you want in life.”

Our parents, teachers and family truly believe this and they speak out of love and genuine hope for our good life.

Unfortunately that’s not really quite true. What they mean is:

“you can be whatever you want in life… AS LONG AS IT’S WHAT WE THINK IS NORMAL.”

The problem is, if everyone was taught to excel… truly live an authentic life and follow their path… who would do all the work that really isn’t that interesting. Who would run the country. No, the dirty little secret is that you are taught to be mediocre, not excel.

If in High School they told you the truth, it would go something like this.

You can be anything you want… you REALLY can! Take your time, look at life as an amazing journey and a grand illusion to be wondered at. You can evolve and grow and try things. You can fail and succeed and have many different careers, hobbies & interests. You don’t need to do things in any particular way, there are no rules to life, no timetable, and anyone who tells you different is just scared of you because you are wise enough to have this insight.

Instead society would really like it if you’d just play nice, learn a trade or go to College, get married, shoot out your 2.5 kids and then… Work… Consume… Work… Consume… DIE.

Too many people are sleeping. It’s not their fault, it’s what they are taught… it’s all they know. BUT IT’S NEVER TOO LATE…

You have the power to do great things, you really CAN do whatever you want regardless of your age or circumstance. You only THINK you are stuck or trapped.

You can do whatever you want… you just need to stop believing the lies you have been told since childhood and see through the fear. There are unlimited opportunities out there for anyone who wants them. You just need a little change in how you look at things.

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