Bo teaching at 2016 SAR in the City: Sex Therapist AASECT accreditation training – April 2016

Bo teaching at 2016 SAR in the City: Sex Therapist AASECT accreditation training – April 2016

February 4th, 2016 // 6:45 pm @

Bo will once again be teaching and programming the BDSM content for SAR IN THE CITY, an AASECT accreditation training conference in NYC April 3 – 4 2016. Here is some info from the site. If you are a sexual education professional please do consider attending. This is a great event.

SAR-adSAR: Sexual Attitude Realignment conference

Like Everything Else In NYC, It Will Be Like No Other SAR!

WHO: This course will satisfy the SAR requirement for those applying for AASECT accreditation. This course is also appropriate for every level of professional who feels they would benefit from an exploration of their sexual values and attitudes and the impact it may have on their work.

WHAT: Participants will be exposed to practices and activities within the sphere of sexuality. They will be asked to examine their own attitudes, preconceived notions, and biases that may affect their work as professionals in the field of sexuality.

Here is the blurb about what Bo is programming/teaching

Sunday 7:30pm SAR in the city excursion: Hands on Exploratorium at The Parthenon in NYC

We are thrilled to announce that this private, full immersion event will be held at one of the most well-known and beautiful professional dungeons in NYC. Our excursion will be for our use only and will not be open to the public.

Bo Blaze, Alternative Life Coach and author of the book 50 Shades of Curious: BDSM for Beginners, will be your guide. Bo and his various handpicked BDSM educators and real-life players will be on hand to teach, perform, and even participate with if you wish!

You will learn various “101 techniques” with floggers, whips, rope, canes, paddles, and other BDSM “toys”. Basic safety tips including, “where to and where not to hit” and all the Q & A you can think of will be addressed. This will be the hands-on portion of the SAR experience where you’ll see what a real working dungeon looks like, watch lifestyle players engage in BDSM scenes, and best of all, you can try out any piece of equipment or activity you wish in a safe, controlled, atmosphere. Participation is strictly up to each individual and absolutely not mandatory. This will be a fun, educational atmosphere but will also provide you the chance to watch some very real and intense scenes as well. You can see more info on the facility by visiting

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