The Bovine Nation – Moo…

The Bovine Nation – Moo…

February 10th, 2011 // 5:00 pm @

When did it happen?

When did we decide as a nation that food at the grocery store was not “convenient” enough?

Probably about the time that we developed, “Convenience” Stores.

Sure, everything was twice as much at 7-11, but back in the day, grocery stores were not open 24 hours so it actually was somewhat helpful. Now there are plenty of 24 hour groceries, so I guess it’s just too much trouble for us to actually walk through that much real estate. We are a lazy nation.

BUT I digress, as although you routinely see the penniless using their credit card to pay for a Snapple at 7-11, that costs three times as much as at the 24 hour Shoprite down the street… this is a rant for another day.

What I am getting at, is that after the 7-11’s took hold, and things were sufficiently “convenient”… The latest low man on the economic totem pole, who purchased the local Exxon station, noticed that we were pretty hungry, as a nation and they could make some money off that.

As a matter of fact they noticed that the average American gets panicky if they aren’t 10 feet from a snack or beverage at all times!!!

So they started selling huge amounts of soda by the case, but heck, why stop there, let’s build whole 7-11’s AT THE GAS STATION, surely it’s too far for the average American to go from getting gas to a 7-11 and certainly not a grocery store. That is out of the question.

Today, I was at Staples buying some office supplies and the picture above is what I found. This is not something that happened overnight, it’s been slowly creeping up on us for years, but now, when you are at Home Depot or Staples or just about ANY type of store, you’ll find an entire candy& chip counter and fridge full of soda at the checkout.


Wah wah… we are getting FAT as Cows, help us! Could it be, because we have allowed ourselves to be surrounded with every sugar, salt and fat filled item that can be packaged in a colorful wrapper, Everywhere?!

But of course, if I was to see any correlation between the exponentially increased availability of obscene amounts of fattening food and the consumption of such leading to obesity, I would certainly be branded a communist and un-American in every way. (Thanks Bill H)

How is it that just one lifetime ago, we didn’t need ANY snacks and soda that wasn’t already residing in our house and now we are one step away form having a Mountain Dew Extreme Sugar, I.V. and Lays extra lard Potato chip, feeding tube!

What do we do??

Hey, I’m a recovering food addict myself, heck if I know. But I do know, THIS IS CRAZY AND NEEDS TO CHANGE.

Remember… You don’t have to change the world to change YOUR WORLD.

Moo…. Mooooooooo

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