Sex at Dawn, One of the most important books of our time?

Sex at Dawn, One of the most important books of our time?

December 8th, 2011 // 12:26 am @

As a life coach that specializes in Polyamory and Alternative sexuality & relationships, finding this book was truly a gift.

I believe that it’s one of the most inspiring and important things I’ve ever read!

How can you not love a book that makes a convincing argument that all we need do, is take after our closest equidistant relatives the Bonobos and Chimps, to live a peaceful and harmonious life where we all CAN, “just get along”.

The authors have supplied us with a tremendous amount of research to support feelings that many of us have had our whole life, explaining why our sexual urges do not match up with the societal norms we have been given. If you are non-monogamous, have trouble staying monogamous, or just thought about doing so, this book may answer a lot of your questions.

This isn’t a book for everyone. It can be hard to get through at times. It’s really an academia book trying hard to relate to the average person. It does it’s best to do that, but not everyone finds this depth and scope of research, fascinating enough to sit through . The main premise that, up until the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago, we were a highly promiscuous, hunter/gatherer society, that shared most everything… including each other, will also certainly upset many a closed minded/pious person.

But for those who dare, the work is worth it.

If you are willing to put your fears aside and be a seeker of truth, this book will truly make you question pretty much everything you think you know about human sexual relationships.

Perhaps most important, is their exhaustive evidence on why the standard narrative of “pair bonding” (aka monogamy), is at best questionable and more than likely a downright lie told to support various religious and social dogma.

I know that I’ve referenced this book quite heavily already, in several of my classes on polyamory and will continue to do so year after year.

Christopher and Cacilda, your research will help many to lose their shame and guilt, over natural urges they have always been taught to suppress. Thank you for being brave and seeking truth!

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