The Bulimia Coach???

The Bulimia Coach???

December 6th, 2010 // 2:43 pm @

bulimia coach resourcesI just read the blog of a very brave kid named Angelo Henderson titled Bulimia Affects All – My life as an Eating disorder survivor.. through the eyes of someone who loves being vulgar, humorous, and dramatic! His site focuses on men with bulimia.

Unfortunately I know about this all too well. As a recovering food addict and bulimic It was hard enough for me to come out about this when I set up my coaching practice at age 47, let alone as a kid. This young man boldly says what so many people and especially men need to hear, that are suffering from bulimia. If you need help, please visit the National Eating Disorder Association for tons more info.

Being anyone and having Bulimia is painful. We do something awfully gross on a daily basis. We stick our fingers, toilet paper and whatever else works for us, down our throats and puke up enough nourishing food to feed 5 starving people.

So, yea… it’s just a wee bit shameful. Being a women, at least society will have a bit of pity, as they will discuss the ridiculous stereotypes that women are forced to fit into, etc… but being a man and doing it is mind boggling to most.

I myself am in recovery. I have mostly quit for about 10 years, but have only been completely abstinent since I started my food addiction recovery in 2009. Even then I have to admit to staring down the bowl once about 6 mos ago, the first time I gave myself an “eat whatever you want” day. Old habits die hard, luckily I only eyed the bowl, I didn’t partake.

Some of those that know of my past have asked why I’ve hesitated to promote coaching weight loss, food addiction, compulsive overeating & bulimia in my coaching practice. I guess no matter how much you change your life, you are always nagged by the feelings of being a hypocrite and there is still always shame.

Bo the Bulimia Coach?

Yea, I don’t really love the way that sounds.

Bo the food addiction, weight loss & (shhhhhhh… bulimia coach)

That’s not much better



LOL… I’m seeing Robert Redford in a whole new way

Bo the Alternative Life Coach

Yea, I think I’ll just stick to that and let those that need me, find me. Luckily in the world of the internet, this story is just a google ranking and mouseclick away. So forgive the blatant ranking attempts to use the word bulimia coach in this story. It’s done with the best intentions of helping people find a bulimia coach if they need a bulimia coach especially if they are a guy in need of a bulimia coach, lol 😉


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