The Tipping Game of Karma – Waitress rewarded for her hard work

The Tipping Game of Karma – Waitress rewarded for her hard work

November 12th, 2011 // 4:57 pm @

One of my favorite things I’ve ever done is invent something we call “The Tipping Game”.

It started years ago when my wife and I would vend goods for one of our businesses up and down the East Coast. If we had a good day vending we would be flush with cash and I felt very fortunate about it.

One night some friends and I left one such event and went to the diner on the way home. I decided to create a little game of Karma. If the waiter/waitress did a great job, we’d give her an obscenely good tip. If she did a terrible job… well… we’d give her a normal tip anyway just for unknowingly playing our game.

We started doing this after every show we did well at and decided this was a cool way to “pay it forward” and share in our good fortune. The game has developed over the years and we have all kinds of crazy fun rules. We only reveal our game if the person has done well, we never taunt with “what might have been”.

When there are a lot of us out eating together it can be a real blast as we all secretly critique the service and the establishment and I even do a little play by play voiceover after our contestent has left the table.

“Oh, that’s a shame folks… she was doing so well and now she’s forgotten to refill our soda even though we asked her twice… that’s going to hurt her score”

Some of the reveals were hysterical and downright touching so we decided to start video taping some of them. Here is one we just did recently. our waitress was so nice and what’s the most amazing is how happy it makes her.

For just a few extra dollars you can have the same rewarding feeling and make someone who works hard, happy. Try it out, I guarantee you have as much fun as the person who wins.

The Tipping Game of Karma

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