Tim Ferriss talks about alternative kids “fitting in” with Life Coach, Bo Blaze

Tim Ferriss talks about alternative kids “fitting in” with Life Coach, Bo Blaze

October 19th, 2010 // 4:21 pm @

As an “Alternative Life Coach”, I deal with a lot of people who are/have been tormented on a daily basis by the frightened & closed minded masses that society considers “normal”.  It saddens me greatly, that in a supposedly enlightened world, so many… still spread so much… HATE and teach their children to do the same.

In a recent chat with “Four Hour Work Week” Author Tim Ferriss, I had the opportunity to ask him the following question:

“With all the terrible news about suicide and bullying of alternative young people lately, is there any advice you could give those who feel like they just don’t fit in”

I find that many people who have become successful and/or famous seem to tell a similar story. “Fitting in?? Screw fitting in!!” They know that you can NOT “play big in life”, and be like everyone else!

So Remember, that creative energy, your uniqueness, makes you very scary to those who are just trudging through life. It’s much easier to conform and merely exist, let alone reach for greatness, so If you are different… people will be scared of you. Regardless if you are GLBT or not, I think the link below is great for anyone who feels isolated, alone and “DIFFERENT”.


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