Wanted: alternative sexuality couples for ABC TV show, Fall 2012

Wanted: alternative sexuality couples for ABC TV show, Fall 2012

July 11th, 2012 // 1:40 pm @


We’re helping ABC TV in their search for couples who engage in alternative sexuality for a show to be aired this fall.

Their stated goal is to:

“bust the myths and stigmas behind these sexual acts by showcasing real people, with real jobs, who live normal everyday lives, have families but also engage in these sexual acts within the bedroom. Couples do not need to be married but must be willing to discuss their private lives on television.”

Some examples they note are:

“A couple who swing on the weekends or ones that are  polyamorous  or have an open relationship once the kids go to bed or use BDSM in the bedroom, etc.”

I feel pretty confident that this is NOT a sensationalism piece where they are trying to make you look bad. Quite the contrary, this seems to be a “fifty shades of grey piece” where they are trying to show how normal it is to do these things. A quote from her email to me certainly says what you’d want to hear:

In my opinion the best way to get people to understand and accept something is to highlight real people, audiences tend to identify with them and get the most out of the stories. I want to reassure you that this will be treated with the utmost integrity and sensitivity, and at no point will anyone be made uncomfortable, our goal is to educate and inform.

HOWEVER, word of warning, there is always the possibility of being made to look bad or having your words twisted around. Again, I don’t believe this is the case here, but be warned.

If you are interested, the producer is willing to talk to you via phone or in person and explain everything to you themselves.

If you are interested, contact me at coach@AlternativeLifeCoach.com for  more info

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