What is really important in Life

What is really important in Life

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Coaching – The Big Picture

You may first hire a coach for help with specific goals and problems, but What is really important in lifethe truly profound impact of coaching, is really on display when working on life’s “ultimate outcomes.” When a coach reads between the lines and tries to:

Inspire you to think about “What is really important in life”.


Sadly, it’s this “Big Picture” that is most easily forgotten, in the day to day shuffle of living your life. Too often we are focusing so hard on the minutiae,

we miss opportunity after opportunity to create the life we really want.


It’s a coach’s job to help you “Play Big”, see the things that you might be missing, then support and challenge you to achieve greatness. There is really such a fine line between, just living life, and grabbing life by the proverbial balls and making it your bitch!

Whether or not you hire a coach or just make some time yourself, PLEASE consider the following tangible and intangible outcomes of life, and think hard about working towards “whatever is really important in YOUR life!”

What is really important in Life – Tangible

An authentic life.
It’s something a lot of people have never even thought of. Are you living the life you really want to be living? Or are you just doing what you’ve “always done”? Or what “you’ve been told to do”? Or “think you are limited to?” Do you have Independence, choice, integration, etc? Are you who you want to be?

Perhaps we should think less about “self improvement” and more about Mastery. It’s so easy to get stuck trying to be “good” at a lot of things instead of being GREAT at anything. How can you take the things you do to the next level? Keep your goals high and try to be the best you can in your niche.

Fulfilling lifestyle.
Look at your ENTIRE lifestyle; is it really making you happy? Many times we do what we do, just because we’ve ALWAYS done it. Look at your entire life and design the lifestyle rather than just worry about individual goals.

Business and career success.
Are you in the business or carreer that challenges you? Makes you happy? Or is it just what you “wound up doing”? We spend a huge part of our life at work, is it where you want to be? If not… change it!

Right up there at the top of  “What is really important in life” is usually relationships. Are you in a relationship rut? Attract the same partner over and over? You can rethink the whole concept of relationship or just tweak what’s worked so far. The important thing is to take an honest look at the kind of relationships you have with friends, family and partners and see if they are serving you?

Having enough money.
We often have so much baggage surrounding money that it makes us act very strangely. Are we paying too much attention to it? Not enough? There are both traditional as well as radical ways of achieving financial independence, what works for you?

More/better opportunities.
The more opportunities you have the more possibilities you have to make money, meet people, etc. Every situation offers opportunity, even the bad things. Remember, you are exactly where you are supposed to be… NOW WHAT?

Expand your capacity & performance.
To “play big”, you need to think about what capacities or skills you can, E X P A N D! What can you get better at?

Lazy? Tired? Maybe you’re just BORED and want to connect with that project or goal that will stimulate your mind?

More time.
Everyone would like more time, but how does this relate to you? Are you busy chasing your tail with things that are really not that important and you just perceive them that way?

Increased creativity
Are you giving yourself the chance to express yourself? Everyone needs some sort of creative outlet.

Stimulating environments.
Are you stimulated in life, if not, let’s work on changing that! Could be a change in where you live, job, friends, free time etc.

Your legacy.
You may have achieved a lot or a little, but what will you be remembered for, and do you even care?

What is really important in Life – Intangible

  • Happiness.
  • Pleasure.
  • Joy
  • Freedom.
  • Progress.
  • Peace.
  • Awareness.
  • Love.
  • Balance.
  • Confidence.
  • Connectedness.
  • Inspiration.
  • Space.
  • Transcendence.
  • Comfort.

Excerpts from “Ultimate Outcomes Learning Guide” Copyright 2009 – CoachVille.com and CoachVille LLC

Copyright 2010 – AlternativeLifeCoach.com – What is really important in life

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